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What is the best food to try in Swiss ski resorts? For those looking for special culinary experiences, Swiss Alps can be one place where the gourmet can fulfil the full of calories dream. So what you’ll find in the famous mountain restaurants? Let’s start with the starter.

Great appetizer in Switzerland


Dry beef meat – the special thing about the meat is that is dried during 4 months in the fresh and clear mountain air.

Walliser Fleischplatte

Is a mix of local dry meat and a big variety of cheese. Of course, if we do not eat cheese in Switzerland, where else then?

All these tasty dishes are, of course, only to start with, the real gourmand paradise is coming with the main course.


Is a very popular Swiss soup especially in Graubünden. It would be a perfect starter for lunch, when you are having a break during your snow sports activities. It is very tasty and nutritional and also is not creamy, which is very good for after sports activities.


Our tip! In Zermatt you can be sure that you’ll find the best fish soup in the world. It’s so tasty that you would like to have a second portion or, if not, you’ll certainly come the next day to enjoy it again. Our Zermatt Ski Teacher will show you the hidden place!

Main dishes for the real gourmands in the Swiss mountains

The famous Swiss Fondue

Is the classic Swiss dish. Going back to cheese, no one could pass through Heidi’s land without trying fondue. The melted cheese mixed with white wine is the most popular traditional dish in Switzerland. To eat Fondue, you need to swivel little pieces of bread in the melted cheese, using long special forks. This is the typical winter food served in all ski resorts. Mandatory with fondue, you should drink some good valaisian white wine.


Is a “crisp and golden” Swiss national dish, served mostly as a side dish in different options, with vegetables, meat or bratwurst, but is a must try while you are on vacation in the Swiss Alps.


We all know it and we all love it! As Italy is just “across the mountain”, of course, in Zermatt we will find as well the tasty Italian cuisine influence.


Is a local speciality from Graubünden and as locals use to say is not just a dish, but a philosophy, so try to not miss it during your gourmand experience.

Delicious desserts in Swiss ski resorts

Apricot pie

The Apricot Pie is a simple, but absolutely delicious fruit cake! With summer flavored apricots cooked by a local recipe, you might want to have a second portion.

Nuss Torte

Another delicious dessert that you might want to try while skiing is Nuss Torte, a cake with nuts that won’t let you indifferent. Just try it!

Panna cotta

Also not to miss is the most famous and loved by children is Panna cotta. If you promise the children that they will have Panna cotta as dessert at lunch, they will ski down even the black slope.

We will be happy to guide you to the best gourmet restaurants in the Swiss Alps!

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