9 tips for your first kids ski lesson

9 tips for your first kids ski lesson are a good insider to follow when the ski vacations are the entire family’s favourite type of winter holidays, but you wonder what will be reaction of your little one to this wonderful snow sport. Outdoor activities, good food, fun and a lot of movement, what else to wish? Sounds perfect for you, but what about the little ones – children who never tried skiing before? For them should be the perfect time to learn!

Following are our 9 tips for your first kids ski lesson.

Ideal age

The ideal age to start skiing depends on every child apart, but normally from the moment he can stand on the skis and got used to the snow, can be introduced to the art of skiing. In general, should be around the age of 3-4 years old.


You love skiing and want your children be as happy as you are on the slope. That’s understandable and that’s the goal, but sometimes, at least at the beginning, the little ones may be not very excited about it. That’s why is very important to create the little ski fairy tale for him: tell him funny stories about skiing, show him nice videos, say that his favourite carton character is also skiing etc. This way you can make him to dream about skiing even before he knows what skiing really is and from there the learning process will be much easier.

Professional help

If you decide to let your child ski is very important to choose professional ski instructors. In learning, the teacher is essential! You might be very good at skiing, but that’s not enough also for teaching. The little ones should learn from the beginning to ski correctly, as is much harder later to correct the bad habits. Thus, you should look for a child-friendly instructor who know how to talk to children and ski courses that turn into real performances full of fun for children.

Private or group ski lessons?

A private ski instructor that will be able to concentrate on your kid’s individual need is advisable, but if you still tend to opt for group ski lessons, get familiar with the offer and choose the best option for your child. Choose a ski school that offers a well prepared teaching program and a small sized group (to make sure that your child is well monitored) where children are all the same age and the same level of skiing. More detailed info about private kids ski lessons.

The right ski equipment

Strictly necessary ski equipment for your child include the ski suit – warm and waterproof jacket and trousers, gloves, boots and helmet. Equipment must mandatory have thermal isolation, breathability and impermeability. Seeing that at this age the children grow very fast, you might not be willing to invest too much in the skiing clothing and look for second hand items (you can find plenty on ebay or amazon websites), but don’t sacrifice on quality!

Getting used with the ski gear

Before going on the slopes for the first time, is good for your little one to get used with the ski boots. The more he will wear the boots before (not a must on the snow), the better he will understands how to move on the slopes and will develop also the leg muscles.

Getting used with the snow

Another important step is to get your kid used to the snow. Normally kids love to play and have fun in the snow. Try tubing, sleighing, building a snowman or making snow angels together. This will help him to get used to the texture of snow and the cold weather outside.

Après-skiing reward

We love skiing, but we are definitely in love with après-skiing experience. That Glühwein mug is like a well-deserved reward after the pleasant effort of going down the slopes. Well, your child should also receive his reward. No, don’t take him to a pub, but a cup of hot chocolate, a delicious panna cotta or any other treat you know he would like should be mandatory.

Pictures and videos

Like the first steps, you’ll definitely want to have in your family collection the first skiing experience of your children. If you prefer to leave the kid alone with the ski instructor for better concentration and learning, ask the instructor to take some pictures and videos. Most of the schools can provide this service. This way you might also have a video analyse of the ski performance and gradual improvement.

9 tips for your kids first ski lesson + 1

Don’t be very stressed about the entire process, focus on the fun and your child will definitely get to love the skiing experience just as much as you do!

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