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My Ski School was born from passion and desire to inspire you with the secrets of winter sports and a healthy lifestyle. With us you have the full flexibility to book our services in any ski resort of the Alps!

Since 2009, when we have started laying the Ski School Switzerland foundations, we discovered the world that needs and appreciates our high quality services. Besides, people are the best motivation  to move forward, develop and create new offers and more services in order to meet our clients’ requirements.

By strong passion and experience, we grew into fine specialists on the slopes, as well as dealing with our clients. We earn their trust and welcome them back year by year to our Ski School Switzerland. We support them to make the most of their winter holiday.


Basically we are the leading Ski School Switzerland in the Alps, offering services in any ski resort. Furthermore, our first-class ski lessons is a combination of instructors’ effort and enthusiasm. It surely lets you learn from ski sport professionals and improve your skills respectively.  Our team is extremely happy to share knowledge and experience, contaminating you with passion for winter sports and love for mountains.

Our main goal is to provide excellent services at the highest level! We know your needs, take care of your safety, and train you with fun.


We put our souls into everything we do.  We bring you joy from your mountain experience. Why? The answer is simple! Certainly we love what we do and we know how to do it. Moreover, we can go an extra mile when it comes to our clients’ contentment and after all our best rewarding is you coming back just because we succeeded to make your holiday a memorable experience!

Book your private ski instructor or any special offer, come and meet us, and start long-term relations with Swiss Ski School!

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