Where to buy best Swiss souvenirs

Where to buy best Swiss souvenirs? When traveling to another country we always want to bring back home something specific to that country, souvenirs that will remind us about the journey. There are a lot of souvenir shops in Switzerland. You can find them in the main places of tourist routes: central plazas, train stations or airports.

In addition, there are souvenir departments in grocery stores like Manor, COOP or Migros. There you can find a variety of souvenirs such as lighters, penknives, bells and chocolate gift sets. They all have Swiss symbols and are a few francs less than in specialized souvenir shops.

Wherever you decide to look for them, here comes the question, what should I bring back home from Switzerland?


The most massive Swiss souvenir which is actually considered to be one of the symbols of Switzerland is chocolate. You can buy inexpensive kits of small chocolate bars with views of the country’s attractions, available in different assorted chocolate sets or look for expensive elite varieties. The selection is huge for everyone’s taste.

A very original gift is chocolate in the form of a gold ingot or chocolate cubes with menthol taste. And if you have the chance to visit one of the best factories for production and sales of chocolate – “Teuscher” – you must try the truffle with champagne. This will be love at the first bite!

“Nestle”, “Spruengli,” “Fry” or “Lindt” are one  of the most famous companies producing chocolate. You can find these brands in local grocery shops or in the companies’ factory. Yet you should definitely try the best chocolate truffles. They are handmade and only special stores offer them. You will never find them in the supermarket.


After chocolate cheese is the second product, which is so famous in Switzerland. In large supermarkets there are huge cheese departments and you can find a large variety of Swiss cheese. The shops also offer special packages with many various types of cheese from different parts of Switzerland, so you could taste all of them. Normally, they are beautifully decorated and packed in wooden boxes. Such a package can be a wonderful gift.

The fondue mix is also a perfect gift, which you can purchase at any grocery store.

Local wine

The Swiss are very proud of their vineyards and wine production and they have a good reason to be. The Lavaux vineyards are UNESCO world heritage site and the wine from Vaud and Valais are very well appreciated locally and on the international market. Try some local white or red wine and don’t hesitate to bring some for your friends back home.


Swiss watches are the ones of the highest quality. Durable and accurate, so no one would like to leave the country without such a valuable acquisition. For some people, this will be just a nice souvenir from Switzerland, while for others can be the hallmark of confirming their successful career. The cost of watches may vary from about one hundred francs and up to tens of thousands francs. It mainly depends on the company’s manufacturer and model. You can find the specialized stores everywhere in Switzerland. Additionally you could organize a visit and buy directly from the watches manufacturer. Now you know where to buy best Swiss souvenirs and can share this information with your friends! For minor pleasant things, please read in the next paragraphs.

Small souvenirs

Rarely one could manage to keep away from buying various small souvenirs with beautiful views of the country. Some of these best Swiss souvenirs are bells that by their shapes remind those from the cow’s neck.  Swiss people believe that such a bell will keep away the evil spirits. The real bells (not souvenirs) are sold mostly in special stores from mountain towns.

Souvenir shops offer a wide selection of lighters, refrigerator magnets, key chains, pens, pencils with symbols of the country.


Other nice things that you can buy as souvenirs are the tableware. Nice cups and saucers, either with a cow or a small ladybug. Plates with drawings of Swiss cities are also easy to find in most of shops like Globus or Manor, and in small souvenirs stores.

The cost of such dishes depends on its size and begins approximately from 10 francs.


Clothing and bags with the Swiss flag or with small flowers of edelweiss! According to Swiss farmers traditions they are also popular Swiss souvenirs. Warm gloves, socks, red T-shirt with a white cross and even shoes can be a good memory of your trip.


You can find postcards in post offices, souvenir shops, in the station building or in large department stores. For a small price you can find exceptionally beautiful views of Switzerland and the most famous touristic places.

Army folding knife

One of the symbols of Switzerland is a red colored handle knife with a white cross. Its main advantage is multi-functionality and high quality. The knife handle can have about twenty different tools and blades. It comes in a big variety of types and combinations – from hunting or kitchen knives to small manicure ones. In some stores you can even engrave your name on the knife.

The most popular knife is one with 33 functions, “Swiss Champion”, which is produced by Victorinox. Small manicure sets in the form of credit cards are very popular among women. They look very elegant in a purse or wallet.

Now you know where to buy the best Swiss souvenirs! But however, first of all make sure that your holiday would be the most amazing and unforgettable souvenir. Enjoy the blue of the lakes, the green of the cities or the white of the mountains! Go hiking, learn to ski in Zermatt or take a heli trip! These are the real memories that can’t ever be lost or forgotten on a shelf.

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