Why you should book your ski vacation in off-season

You eagerly wait for the ski season to start and already started to look at the best possible deals, but today we’ll look into why you should book your ski vacation in off-season. No, is not about booking your ski holiday in the summer, it is about looking at the advantages of booking it outside of the very busy periods.

The peaks of the ski holidays are normally during the Christmas /New Year period, but also during any other school vacation time.

Off-seasons are more and more in demand by tourists with each passing year. Going on a ski vacation then has its advantages, so we have several arguments “for” ski vacation in the off-season period.

Lower prices

The peak periods can be up to 50% more expensive, and reservations must be made well in advance, as are most wanted. Off-peak bookings can bring significant savings.

Almost every resort offers special prices during the low season: hotels, ski equipment, ski schools, everything comes at a better price. The tour agencies will come with better prices for accommodation and services. Prices of goods in the shops are also reduced. The reason is simple: is off peak season, the demand is lower, so doesn’t make sense for the hotels to keep empty rooms, better to sell them for a lower price. All the other companies also prefer to sell their services /products with a discount than to have no profit at all. The result: a great deal for you!

Better service

The service is even better than during the “hot” period. And this is not surprising: there is less work for the staff and all the attention is offered to the few customers. Isn’t this something to go for? Moreover that might be for half of the high season’s price.

Free slopes

Yes, you are the king of the slopes. No queue at the cable cars or lifts and you can also take amazing pictures of the mountains, without having some other 20 people in the frame. Just have the Alps for yourself!

No children or teenagers

The off season is preferable to relax also for the elderly tourists. No school vacation, means almost no children or crazy teenagers on the slopes, but also it is much more quite in the hotels or restaurants.

More flexibility

You can book your vacation well in advance, but you also can start to plan it a few weeks before the trip. The advantage during the low season is that you can find great deals even when booking in the last minute. Now you can be capricious and choose among a variety of options.

Better traffic

When traveling to a ski resort in the low season, the traffic is much better, if you are traveling by car, but you can also find great deals for the train or flight tickets.

The star in the office

Everyone wants to take holiday during the peak season, so if you stay to work for your colleagues, you will definitely be the star in the office. You might even get nice presents from the colleagues who are able to travel because you volunteered to work. Sounds good, huh?

This is why you should book your ski vacation in off-season

Going on a ski vacation during the high season, you risk to get acquainted with the many “deficiencies” of tour operators, airlines and the various other individual services. The most popular hotels are fully booked, flights are delayed and in the resorts, due to the influx of tourists, is no place to turn around.

For experienced travellers is not mandatory to go on holidays when everyone else is going. Instead, they quietly wait out the busy periods at home, but then later, allow themselves to go not just for one, but two or three trips for almost the same money their friends are spending on the vacation during the peak season.

I think we should definitely take advantage of the off-season enjoyable time for our ski holidays, but did I convince you?

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